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The Mental Resilience Warriors

I quite like this name because it sums up the kind of community I want to build. We want to help people improve their mental resilience and we want to be daring about it, as would a warrior, removing ourselves from our comfort zones and finding out what we are willing to do to be well.

I came up with this concept a few weeks ago after having some thinking time over Christmas. I knew I wanted to focus on building the community of the brand but I wasn’t sure what it would look like. So I thought about what makes me and the journey I had been on, the things I had learnt and how I could present that to my followers.

In business it’s important to play to your strengths and passions so I asked myself what are they? Quite quickly I landed on the idea of promoting everything I do for my mental and physical wellbeing onto others and I am launching a Mental Resilience Programme to do so.

I have been through years of exploring different avenues of things that are meant to be good for your health and I now have my routines in place, things I do everyday that hugely contribute to what I believe (and feel) is a strong mind and a strong body.

The one that has had the biggest impact on me is Cold Water Swimming. I live in London and everyday I'm in the Serpentine in Hyde Park at 7am in sub-5C water, where I will also do some breathwork to prepare myself for it. Why? Because of the numerous mental, physical and emotional benefits, how it makes me feel so good and ready for the day, and the community aspect. There are always others there and we go for a coffee and a chat after which makes it feel really special.

So why is it so difficult for others to do the same? There are many barriers to entry so though my programme I will help to eliminate those, to make sure you’re not alone in getting from what might be a not-so-good place to a great place or a slight neglect in your wellness to putting it first every single day.

The Mental Resilience Warriors are a tribe of like-minded men and women looking to master themselves. They are aware that to do so they have to understand what is going on on the inside. That to get to where they want is a journey. They accept that we don’t start off being brilliant, we start off as a beginner, but that getting to their measure of great is entirely achievable.

But very importantly it’s also about not just coming across as strong all of the time. Vulnerability is a key part of this process where people can be willing to expose what’s going on under the surface and break it down to then build themselves back up. There is no judgement or competition in this space. It’s about doing what you feel is right for you, and enjoying the journey to get there.

Life can be measured in many ways. Yes, there are traditional ways by adding up all your money or counting your successes. But there are other ways. How much fun have you had? That is a great measure of a great life. If you do things that excite you, you will put a huge effort into them and this is what underpins us Warriors.

Become a warrior in everything you do. Become a Mental Resilience Warrior and watch your life transform.

Head over to my Instagram to find out more about the Mental Resilience Coaching.

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