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My Daytime Routine

Start small and you can build on things quite easily. I’ve found sticking to time where possible (ie only doing 5-10 minutes of an activity) helps to then fit more in. Don’t get carried away and do things because you enjoy them not because you feel like you have to or someone told you to.

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My Evening Routine

Like the morning routine, we should be in control of our evenings. You shouldn’t be hitting the pillow feeling like you’ve had no time to do anything and then start scrolling (revenge bedtime procrastination). It just keeps your body awake and feeling stressed.

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Cold Water Therapy: Facing the Ice

Whether as a form of therapy, a test of endurance or a (crazy) sense of enjoyment, putting our minds and our bodies into extreme temperatures has many benefits that we struggle to obtain elsewhere.

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My Morning Routine

I have spent years sculpting this because it works for me but there is no one size fits all. You are allowed to pick and choose the things here, if any, you think you will benefit from. If not, look for others that you think you’ll enjoy and commit to.

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