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The Mental Resilience Programme

The Mental Resilience Programme is a personalised coaching course to enable you to implement discipline and structure in your day-to-day life using cold water therapy, mindset techniques and daily routine.

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Through starting your mental resilience journey, you are building core pillars that can create a grounding of mental strength that will form the backbone of your daily routine and help you access your greatest self.


Will works with you everyday, through check-ins, reviews, encouragements and makes you feel like you have a 24/7 coach helping you. The programme is very detailed with so much great information and practical tips.

Matt P

This programme helped me overcome obstacles I had regarding my procrastination and discipline. It helped me to set up an amazing routine for both the mornings and the evenings and now I feel so much better about my day-to-day structure.

Lucy B

Would recommend Will's programme to anyone looking to feel better in their daily life or deal with things like stress and being better prepared to handle it.

Steph B

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